Studio Policies


All payments are processed by pre-authorized credit cards on the first of the month. Accelerated lessons are $125 per month and Preschool lessons are $80 per month. There is a one time Registration Fee of $25. Tuition is never prorated for missed lessons.

Tuition does not include any retail teaching materials such as books or instruments.

Tuition that is received into the office after the 5th of the month will have a $20 late fee added to the account. 

and Makeups

For any lessons missed by a teacher, A Joyful Noise Music will schedule a make up lesson or add a credit to your following month’s tuition for the missed class.


For any lesson missed by the student, tuition and enrollment fees are non-refundable and makeup lessons are not scheduled. 

ACCELERATED STUDENTS: If you know ahead of time that you are going to be absent, you are   welcome to reschedule your Accelerated class to a different day/time in the week using the studio calendar. 

PRESCHOOL STUDENTS: Preschoolers who are going to be absent can request a video lesson for the class that is going to be missed. 


To discontinue lessons and to discontinue charges to your account, fill out the withdrawal form before the 15th of your last month. We do not prorate tuition for the last month’s lessons. Students will be responsible for their last month’s tuition whether or not they attend lessons. 

The studio/teacher has the right to discontinue lessons at their discretion.

Average of Four Lessons Per Month

Monthly tuition is based on an average of 4 lessons or studio events (such as recitals) per month. We are closed for statutory holidays, Winter Break, Spring Break and the last 2 weeks in June. In long months, you will get five lessons, short months such as December and June you may have 3 lessons, and most months you will have four lessons. The tuition is the SAME each month; i.e. we don’t charge you more when you have five lessons, and we don’t charge you less when you have three lessons in a month. This makes everyone’s accounting easier. 

Summer Vacation

A Joyful Noise Piano Studio operates year-round and does not close for the summer. We are happy to offer unlimited rescheduled lessons for our students. You can choose a different lesson day for the class  you will be absent for (based on availability on the calendar). If you are taking a month off for vacation and want to resume the next month, your payment is still due on the first of each month to reserve your lesson space. The lessons for the month you miss can be made up when you return from vacation. 

Open Door Policy

Parents are always allowed to sit in on lessons. We have an open-door policy for lessons.