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What is the Royal Conservatory of Music?
The Royal Conservatory Certificate program is recognized globally as the gold standard in music study. It is a comprehensive system of music study and assessment from Elementary through Advanced levels.
How do I join?
Here at A Joyful Noise Piano Studio, we require two years of study or exemplary studying and practice habits in the first year before beginning the Royal Conservatory curriculum. Talk to your teacher if you are interested in switching to the Royal Conservatory program!
Do I need to switch teachers?
You will continue with your original teacher at A Joyful Noise Piano Studio.  You will be learning out of new books and your lessons will be based on the curriculum outcomes of the Royal Conservatory standards.
Do I need to complete the exams?
Although there are many advantages to completing exams, you are not required to complete exams to enroll in the Royal Conservatory program with your teacher. 
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